Mário Soares, Father of Democracy

Mário Soares died on the 7th January of 2017, aged 92 years-old.

He was a co-founder of the Portuguese Socialist Party, served three times as Prime-Minister (1976-77, 1978 and 1983-85) and twice as President of the Republic of Portugal, from 1986 to 1996.

Mário Soares was a fierce opposer to the dictatorial regime Estado Novo. He was imprisioned 12 times and eventually faced deportation which led to exile in France.

Days after the Carnation Revolution of 25th April of 1974, he returned to Portugal and played a leading role in creating a democratic government for the country and was a responsible for the admission of Portugal in the CEE (today's European Union).

Although a controversial figure to his political opposers, he's considered to be "the father" of portuguese Democracy and his funeral was the first to have state honors since the abolishment of the dictatorship.