Luna's Reflexion


Ricardo and Luna share the same body. He was born 37 years ago, she's only 15.

At night, when Luna's sight crosses his, the mirror marks the diffuse border between who's the person and the persona, how much of Luna is Ricardo and how much of Ricardo exists only in Luna's reflexion.

"Everything started as a joke", he says, but fate made the symbiosis to endure.

As time went by, the day to day survival of Luna became Ricardo's top priority, it's she who dictates the routines of everyday life and provides for him financially.

In the absence of Luna, Ricardo leads a low profile kind of life with his loving partner, Frederico.

Ricardo was 22 y/o when curiosity first lead him to go see crossdresser's shows. Seduced by the art of the transformation, he adopted the artistic name of Luna, his feminine alter-ego.

The everyday life has little schedules routines: he wakes up in the evening and the meals are taken at unconventional times.

Most days, when he goes outside, the night is already setting in.

If he gets a chance, he goes to visit Frederico at his work break. If not, they talk on the phone. Some other times, if it's not show day, he spends his time sewing, making jewelry and brushing wigs.

On performance days, the computer's stereo blasts the setlist through the apartment and the choreographs are to be rehearsed.

Ricardo travels non-stop between the dress packed wardrobe and the jewelry case, making sure nothing's missing from Luna's bag.

He explains: "I've been fortunate to being able to perform every weekend, but even so it's tough. Fred helps paying expenses and fortunately, we don't have to pay rent. We go on living, but modestly. If Luna needs a new doll (clothes and accessories), I might need to spend my earning of ten shows."

In the end of the night, once the heels are packed, it's time to go home. The hour is late in the dawn and Ricardo's time starts now.